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"Conosciamo il mare passeggiando sulla spiaggia"-"Let's know the ocean walking on the beach"

An occasion for students to enhance and learn to protect the marine territory in a concrete way and to experience the environment of the beach and marine habitats in general, through a participatory and playful activitiy.

The students of the primary school of Diano Marina (Im) will partecipate to a convention to learn , through video and pictures show, to recognize the primary species and organisms present o the beach.

Then, all together we will go on the beach for a simple but special walk. Everyone with a  form to record all the organisms and pollution we will observe on the shore.

A special focul will be refered to plastic presence on the beach.

Everyone will be gifted with a "Secchiello Stop" card, the awareness campaign created by InfoRmare to stop the capture of small marine organismas by the children during the summer.


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InfoRmare asd
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Other Marine science educators and water sport association
Member of Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP)
Participant in AZA's SAFE Campaign


Sala consiliare Comune di Diano Marina, spiaggia libera del porto.
Diano Marina, Liguria 18013 Italy