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The "Festival of the Oceans and the Environment – Costalegre 2018" celebrate both, World Oceans Day and World Environment Day. The festival has as its main objective to join the UN´s efforts to disseminate around the world the key messages about the pollution of the oceans, particularly plastics and their impacts and risks for humankind, helping to raise awareness of the serious problem and get people to take pledges and take actions to reduce and avoid ocean pollution by plastics; essence of these World Days celebration.

The Festival will be held on June 8th, 8:00 pm at the Civic Plaza of San Patricio Melaque. We will hold workshops on the reuse of plastic, aluminum, glass, and production of compost from organic household waste. An environment education activity for children about sea turtles and pollution will be carry out. To Screen two films about oceans and plastic pollution and a live rock concert whit local people performance to will be the final of the festival.

Festival is a joint initiative of Vive Planeta Azul and the Department of Studies for the Sustainable Development of Coastal Zones of the University of Guadalajara-Campus CU Costa Sur. A collaboration agreement signed in 2017 by organization and the department, have been very useful to carry out joint activities such as cleanings of the beach, mobility of students among other actions.

The organization and the department intend to strengthen the working links in different areas, being of particular relevance the promotion of environmental education activities in the coastal zone. It is essential to achieve greater awareness in the inhabitants of coastal communities in order to facilitate processes and promote better conditions for the participation of society in the solution of local and regional problems; and in general way to promote the sustainable development of the coastal communities, a better quality of life and well-being.

To promote environmental education among other activities, Vive Planeta Azul made an invitation to students, graduates and some professors of Marine Biology bachelor degree, to become the "Student Committee of Vive Planeta Azul". The committee was constituted the past May 15th. This Festival marks the formal beginning of its activities.


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Conservation Organization
Member of Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP)
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As part of our celebration, we plan to do the following:
  • Event is open to the public
  • Media would be welcome
  • Event will include some special activities or engagements for youth and/or young adults
    Under 12,Ages 12-18,College/University Age
    This is the first time that Non-profit NGO "Vive Planeta Azul, A.C." and The Coastal Zone Department od University of Guadalajara, celebrate both, the World Oceans Day and the World Environment Day. We invite schools, people, commerces, hoteles, restaurants, and more to come with us. We will held workshops, envicronmental education activities, conferences, movies and a rock and mexican music concert (perfrmers are local people). The next year, Festival will be 5 days long, covering both World Days, Oceans and Environment.
  • Event will be highlighting organization's own efforts to reduce use of plastic


Plaza Principal of San Patricio
López Mateos 52 Centro
San Patricio, Jalisco 48980 Mexico