Andrea Quintero Pérez

Ever since she can remember, Andrea has wanted to become a marine biologist. Since she has learned about the anthropogenic threats to the ocean and the environment, she has made it her life's mission to do her best to protect them.  At the age of 16 she was chosen as a speaker for a TEDx event in the State of Mexico where she talked about the environmental issues regarding food waste. During this event, she also discussed ways people and governments could tackle food waste in their communities.  
Since she started university, she has been involved in educational talks to university, primary, middle and high school students about climate change and the impact of dietary habits on the environment. In May 2019 she registered and organized the first Fridays For Future event in La Paz as part of the Global Climate Strike and has been an active member of the movement ever since.  

She is a certified naturalist guide and is currently working for sustainable and minimal impact companies that focus on ecotourism in Baja California Sur. She is 20 years old and invests her time creating awareness about environmental issues, especially those affecting the ocean. Her goal is to create a project which helps fishermen transition to ecotourism. She hopes to make people aware of the current threats to the ocean and show how we can all be involved in supporting sustainable tourism!