Darcie Anderson

Darcie Anderson is a 19 year old student at the Scottish Association for Marine Science, where she is in her second year of her undergraduate marine science degree.  Darcie has been a youth leader with AYUDH Europe since 2016, where she organizes social and environmental impact projects with young Europeans. This has involved creating an Ocean Awareness social media campaign, distributing essentials to people experiencing homelessness and hosting regular beach cleans. Darcie has been a speaker at a UNESCO iTAGe (Talking across generations on education) panel, where she discussed education and global citizenship with senior policymakers and was part of a team which drafted a youth declaration on education. 

In 2016, Darcie was selected to represent AYUDH Europe at the U.N. forum on human rights, democracy and rule of law, where there was discussion of youth empowerment to solve the worlds issues, an idea she strongly believes in.   Growing up in Australia and New Zealand, Darcie always had a strong connection with the ocean and enjoys snorkeling and SCUBA diving. She now lives on the west coast of Scotland, where she has had the opportunity to volunteer with the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust. On this trip, she was part of a team sailing around the Inner Hebrides to survey cetaceans, seals, seabirds and human activity, as part of an effort to collect data in order to protect Hebridean marine life. She has since been involved in public outreach with the trust, where she has discussed the importance of monitoring cetaceans with members of the public. 

The World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council will help Darcie spread the messages of ocean conservation and low impact living with more young people.