Eimear Stephenson

Eimear is a 19-year-old student working towards a B.S. in Marine Science alongside a German Diploma. During her time at university, she has studied various topics ranging from seaweeds and seagrasses to oceanography and zoology. One of Eimear’s aims in life is to constantly immerse herself in knowledge, old and new, so as she can gain a better understanding of how the world works and hopefully help renew, regenerate and reinvigorate this wonderful planet. After completing diving and boating courses, Eimear has become increasingly aware of the harm that has come to our oceans. She is fascinated by the marine world but also devastated by the destruction it is currently facing. Eimear intends to live a life whereby she can help combat the ocean’s demise.   Her belief is that with more knowledge comes more power.  As a result, Eimear has started an initiative to raise awareness about climate change, biodiversity and marine life to primary school students in Ireland.

Her goals are to educate as many children as possible with this ecological science program, to learn from them, and to encourage them to be young eco-warriors in their own homes. From a young age, Eimear has also been involved with many environmental nonprofit organizations. She has worked with Trocaire’s Stop Climate Chaos program, through which she publicly spoke to politicians regarding the eradication of fossil fuels in Ireland.  She currently works with Green Sod Ireland, a nonprofit organization dedicated to re-wilding Ireland. This organization returns donated land to its original wild state and replenishes native flora and fauna in those areas, a cause to which Eimear is truly committed. Eimear is also involved in Green Sod Ireland’s ecological information programs for children, teenagers, students and adults, aiming to improve the public’s knowledge on local, national and global biodiversity. 

Eimear truly believes that if people rise together, the world can change for the better. Her goals with the World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council are to learn from others, to educate as many people as possible on the wonders that the ocean has to offer, and to help seriously combat the climate crisis at large.