Isabelle Grace

Isabelle is a student activist who is passionate about the ocean and its life. She is a member of a bilingual school in Switzerland and loves surfing, swimming, sailing, photography and feels happiest when in or near the ocean. She also has over 15 diving certifications. After witnessing the effects climate change has on the ocean, she became fascinated with marine biology and ocean conservation.  Isabelle wants to dedicate her life to protecting the ocean. More specifically she wants to identify the ocean as a source of life for the planet, reverse the effect of coral bleaching, and protect marine life.  

 For several years, she worked closely with coastal communities in Fiji, Australia, Costa Rica and the Caribbean. In these locations, people rely on the ocean and nearby coral reefs to live, provide food, money, and shelter for their families. She was horrified to see so many communities devastated by overfishing depleting marine life. She has worked with other communities who were successfully using artisanal fishing techniques and is committed to developing and supporting sustainable economic models for fishing communities.  

Her academic interest in reversing the effects of coral bleaching took her from Switzerland to the University of Costa Rica to intern at CIMAR- Centro de Investigación en Ciencias del Mar y Limnología. She also interned at the Centre Scientifique of Monaco working with the team of biologists studying genetic variations of corals. She hopes to study Marine Biology and Environmental Studies at university and conduct her own genetic research.  She is actively engaged in MUN (Model United Nations) where she has passionately debated topics such as plastic pollution at conferences in Europe.  Isabelle believes that each person needs to take action in leading efforts to stop ocean acidification, pollution from plastics, overfishing and other serious threats to the ocean.