Joana Da Rosa

Born in Madeira Island and raised in Azores, Joana has a deep connection with the ocean, which led her to become a senior marine biology student at University of Algarve, Portugal, in order to learn and discover more about her biggest passion, ocean life.   She started open-sea snorkeling as soon as she learned how to swim and is now a certified diver. Over recent years, Joana has been comparing the amount of fish and species that she comes across while snorkeling and has noticed the drastic loss of biodiversity in he region.  

While many different factors may be causing this effect, most of this disappearance may be due to the use of illegal fishing nets. Another problem that concerns her is the amount of litter, mostly plastic, that is found in marine ecosystems.   With a great willingness and dedication to make a positive difference and protect the ocean environment from the various problems that disturb its serenity, she’s a member of Straw Patrol, an environmental awareness organization aimed at bringing awareness to the problem of marine litter through beach clean-ups and lectures in primary, elementary and high schools. She hopes that these sessions inspire both children and teenagers to act for a sustainable future.