Lydia Rysavy

Lydia is an 18-year-old aspiring marine biologist, climate and ocean activist, and climate justice educator.  She grew up in Austria quite far from the ocean but found a deep passion for learning about the world beneath the waves early on. She inhales any information about ocean creatures she can find and is fascinated by all water dwellers – both plain and extravagant.  In the context of her high school graduation, she wrote a paper about the removal of marine plastic debris, which won the national sustainability award. Right after graduation, she decided to move to the west coast of Sweden, where she plans on commencing her studies in Marine Science in 2020. Now, she works as a climate activist and protest organizer, engages in weekly coastal cleanups, and has joined Friends of The Earth Sweden as a climate justice educator.  

Along with her passion and enthusiasm about marine ecosystems, she feels incredible concern about the speed of degradation that can be witnessed in every part of the world. More specifically, she is passionate about raising awareness for issues caused by human impacts such as climate change, ocean pollution, overfishing, and several other issues.   Lydia believes that knowing is the key to caring, and caring leads to taking action. Her ultimate goal is to spread a deeper understanding about the importance of the oceans, as well as build networks that allow exchange and cooperation.