Ngolle Kingsman
Ngolle Kingsman is a student currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Geography at the University of Buea, Cameroon. He is passionate about environmental conservation and agricultural sustainability and aims to achieve these through regenerative, social, cultural and technologically innovative measures. Spending most of his time in the natural world, he observed how the beauty of nature was gradually destroyed by the numerous environmental hazards caused by fellow humans. This ignited a fiery passion in him to take personal action towards saving his environment. 

Through networking and active collaboration, Kingsman has been able to educate many young people in his community through educational sessions, workshops, school visits, and other mediums.  He has taken part in several projects, campaigns and events that were aimed at contributing to lasting solutions for the environmental challenges plaguing his community. He is currently involved in different community based organizations and international platforms where he is gaining the experience, skills and knowledge to become a better leader and eco-hero. Apart from his environmental work, Kingsman enjoys photography, music, visual arts and drawing and intends to use theses to amplify his efforts.