Nicola Tsiolis

Nicola Tsiolis is a 17-year-old Cypriot-Australian student with a burning passion for the ocean. Since the age of seven, she has aspired to become a Marine Biologist and work within the ocean; learning, discovering, protecting and conserving the abundant, extraordinary life that lives within the ocean’s depths. After being exposed to and growing up around Australia’s beautiful beaches and surf culture, her holistic passion and love for the ocean runs through her veins. Nicola aims to continue this journey of learning about and understanding environmental conservation through studying marine science at university next year.  Her passion and ambition for environmental activism and conservation is the driving force behind her active involvement in all things related to the ocean. She sees the World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council as an opportunity to learn and grow deeper with a team of like-minded young people and one step into a future that excites her.  

As an Ocean Youth Ambassador (Sea Life Trust) 2019, Nicola has created an organization with the agenda to create positive environmental change called Sea Change Network. Her ambitions for Sea Change Network are to not only push for legislative change in Australia but also to provide students across Victoria with the tools and skills needed to create their own student-led social justice and environmental groups. Nicola is also involved with her local community's leadership council (Eltham Youth Leadership Council- Vicky Ward MP), in which herself and other young people aim to bring about positive solutions to eco-anxieties and challenges faced within their local community.