Nicolas Chesta

Since Nicolás wachild, he has loved playing on the beaches and feeling the cold refreshing waves of the Pacific Ocean. While he was growing, he noticed that a coastal country like Chile needs to protect the Ocean constantly. For this reason, he considers himself an educator, creating opportunities for young people to learn about the consequences of water pollution. His mission is to build students into positive contributors to the environment! 

Through his activism, he was selected to be a Chilean Youth Ambassador on 2017, traveling to the United States. It was through this opportunity that he learned civic engagement techniques that he would use in the future. He also was selected to be part of the Youth Leadership Council (YLC) of EarthEcho International, working actively to lead environmental movements by thinking globally and acting locally. 

Nowadays, Nicolás is developing a non-profit organization called Water Surfaces Caring. His team’s goal is to expand their green impact ithe local region and continue protecting the ocean!