Olivia Livingstone

Olivia Precious Livingstone graduated and obtained her high school diploma from the St. Teresa’s Convent Catholic High School and is presently a Senior student at the Cuttington University studying Environmental Science.  

As a child, Olivia remembered spending her evenings on the beach and watching the sunset with her Dad. She has always been drawn to nature and things in their natural state and she believes that one of the best decisions she has made is to study Environmental Science. Cognizant of the many challenges that the Environment is faced with, Olivia has started her own NGO called the Green Stewards Incorporated (GSI). GSI focuses on finding solutions and mitigations methods that can aid in reducing the harmful effects and threats that these challenges (Climate Change, Land Degradation, Ocean Pollution, Improper Waste Management, Plastic Invasion, etc.) pose to the environment. In GSI’s quest for mitigation measures, Conservation is one of its leading proposed solutions.  

Coming from a country (Liberia) where majority of the population is highly dependent on the natural environment and its resources, it is challenging to achieve conservation. Notwithstanding, Olivia is still confident that this feat can be accomplished, through the holistic efforts of everyone, specifically young people. In pursuit of this, Olivia serves as an intern at Conservation International Liberia, and is the President of the Liberian Young Conservationists Leadership program where she inspires over twenty-five young people to take the lead in conserving the natural environment. Olivia is also presently the President of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance Chapter, Cuttington University, the Captain of the University’s Debate Society and the Representative of the University’s Department of Environmental Science.