Portsea Turton

Portsea Turton is 17 years old and has been fortunate to grow up on the coast of Australia. Portsea developed a love for the ocean beginning in her childhood where she spent her days snorkeling, boating and camping. Her eagerness to enjoy the ocean has led to an awareness of its dynamic changing. Compared to many countries in the world that unfortunately do not have the resources and social construct surrounding the importance of ocean sustainability, Australian waters are in a pristine state. Portsea reflects that despite this, the amount of pollution and biodiversity in her local area alone has had notable changes since the time she first went diving. Holding her home close to her heart, she has noticed the severity of the issue - which has filled her with a drive to change the future of our ocean.  

Portsea works as part of The Seabin Project teamwhere she has been able to see firsthand the severity of issues like plastic pollution and its devastating effects on local and global communities. To continue her journey of learning and understanding she is going to study Marine Science at James Cook University in 2019.  

For Portsea, the World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council seems like the perfect platform to take this passion to the next level. Portsea believes that she can finally stop talking about making a difference and start making sustainability happen.