Rebecca Loy

Rebecca is from the island of Singapore and has had the privilege of growing up next to the Coral Triangle. For as long as she can remember, she has been passionate about conserving the marine world and reconnecting people with the ocean. She has been a volunteer with her country’s National Parks Board for a number of years, and was also an intern in the Board’s Coastal and Marine Department. This involved setting up a gallery to promote the newly established Sister’s Islands Marine Park and assisting with a sea turtle conservation project. The Board later awarded her a scholarship to pursue a degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, and she is now in the second year of her degree. 

Rebecca was one of the founding members of the University’s Marine Conservation Society. This society is set up to raise awareness of the threats the marine world is facing and to take action for ocean conservation. In June 2018, the Society organized the inaugural celebration of World Oceans Day in Cambridge.  She has also interned with the UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre, supporting the organization’s work in the 2018 International Year of the Reef. Keen on bringing together community-led movement with sound conservation science, she has attended conferences such as the European Coral Reef Symposium and IOC-UNESCO Ocean Climate Conference to learn more about how this can be done. 

With a heart for coral reefs and coastal communities, she has been campaigning for action to be taken against climate change, which is severely affecting ocean life and will only continue to increase in its impact. At home in Singapore, she has taken part in beach clean-ups and has organized one on her own for the International Coastal Cleanup. She also advocates for the conservation of her country’s surroundings by organizing fundraising projects and speaking up about what can be done. In her University, she has been part of the Fossil Free movement and seeks to promote environmental justice and sustainability wherever possible.