Summer Snell

Summer Snell is from Britain’s Ocean City of Plymouth, in the United Kingdom. She spent most of her childhood at various beaches around Cornwall where she was inspired by the unusual animals she found in rock pools.  

She started volunteering at the National Marine Aquarium - the UK's largest aquarium - two years ago. While working, she aims to teach visitors about marine life and show them how important individual actions can be. Through her volunteer work, Summer learned some incredible and downright strange facts about marine creatures which inspired her to become even more passionate about marine conservation.  

In her spare time summer enjoys spending her time by the coast, taking photographs and spending time with her family where she is frequently told by her sister to 'stop talking about fish'. Summer takes part in the #2minutebeachclean at every opportunity; her favourite discovery during a beach clean being a bag containing coins from all over the world.  She hopes to encourage more local businesses to use plastic free alternatives and help make our world better, one step at a time.