Toluwanimi Olubanke

Toluwanimi Olubanke is a remarkable change maker with a unique perspective on solutions to environmental issues. She is currently a third-year student at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria, where she is studying for a bachelor's degree in Human Physiology.   She is passionate about social entrepreneurship as a means to societal development. Toluwanimi has devoted her time and resources to various causes, from awareness campaigns to community empowerment programs. She is an active member of ENACTUS in the University of Ibadan, in which she serves as the General Secretary and lends her ideas and energy towards driving positive change in her campus and its neighboring communities. ENACTUS is a student organization aimed at taking entrepreneurial action on social problems and Toluwanimi acts as a catalyst in fulfilling this vision, having served on projects that helped reshape various facets of her community. 

Her active involvement in the organization opened her eyes to several social and environmental issues, particularly single-use plastics.   Over the past year, she has developed a deep passion for seeing a world free of single-use plastics. This passion led her to starting Thetic, which addresses the problem of plastic waste by recycling single-use plastic waste into low-cost and affordable prosthetic limbs for amputees and individuals with congenital conditions that affect their limbs. Thetic is presently in its research and development phase.   Toluwanimi is a 2019 fellow of President Obama's Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) program. Through her involvement with the World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council, she hopes to inspire the culture of land and marine conservation in more young people in her country and globally. Toluwanimi believes in the energy of change – a phrase that means that change is powered by the willingness to see change and act with bravery.