Unelker Maoga

Unelker Maoga is a young Kenyan and Pan African student who believes that every generation has a mission to either fulfill or betray. He believes Ocean Conservation is a mission whose time has come.  

 Having spent her teenage years in the coastal town of Mombasa, she desires to see coral reefs along East Africa’s coastline defy the odds and survive coral bleaching in the wake of climate change and extreme ocean acidification and pollution. Unelker has worked as a research volunteer with the Kenya Wildlife Service – Mombasa Marine Park and her blog article on Ocean Conservation won the East Africa Our Ocean Contest in 2016 from the US Embassy Regional Environment Office.  

With respect to life on land, Unelker is a BS Environmental Conservation student and the founder of Konservation, a community-based project that raises awareness about climate change in school platforms and works to increase access to clean and affordable energy technologies in rural homes in Kenya.  Unelker is also the youngest member of the Green Belt Movement, a 2016 Film4Climate Participant, 2018 Youth Climate Leader, a WWF Africa Youth Awardee and has received mention as a UN Environment – Young Champion of the Earth.